Hear from our clients

Glenelg Shire Council

“Support from Harbour Software has been excellent, with really quick response to support tickets and solutions to product queries. Working with a consultant that has experience working in the Local Government space is also extremely valuable as it meant that they were well versed in Local Government requirements, making the implementation process easier and smoother.” 

-  Rachael Fellows, Executive Assistant, Corporate Services at Glenelg Shire Council 

City of Onkaparinga

“Council switched to a more advanced technology to determine forecasting of our future rate models instead of using spreadsheet. In Excel, managing with multidimensional data can be laborious and prone to error. EasyREV has helped us eliminate risk by using programming scripts to make determinations for future forecasting and different models.”

-  Justin Rice, Team Leader Revenue, Finance and Commercial at City of Onkaparinga 

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City of Launceston

WOW, the excel extraction in the new version of EasyRev! Fantastic - SOOOO much clearer.

Great work"

- Leticia Woodward, Senior Rates Officer, Organisational Services at City of Launceston 

Moonee Valley City Council

Moonee Valley City Council 

“We were really impressed with Harbour Software’s customer centric service and cloud-based solution. We enjoyed getting to know the staff at Harbour Software and felt that they brought a really positive and proactive approach to the process.”

-  Meghan Hopper, Senior Coordinator, Governance and Advocacy at Moonee Valley City Council

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Northern Grampians Shire Council

"Using rates modelling (EasyRev), the total income the council receives through rate collection will not be diminished by the changes we’ve made. We’re very comfortable with the information we can provide to the council, knowing that the decisions made are based on accurate and detailed information."

- Michael Bailey, Council CEO at Nothern Grampians Shire Council 

Town of Victoria Park

“Doc Assembler has had fantastic take up by our staff, considering we haven’t changed these processes for about 20 years, there has not been a resistance to change. Everyone is on board and now it is like we have always used it.”

- Danielle Uniza, Manager of Governance and Strategy at Town of Victoria Park


Shire of Cardinia

"The web-based platform functionality and ease of use provided many benefits and allows our organisation to easily adopt the new process."

- Jack Coogan, Governance Officer at Shire of Cardinia 

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Shire of Harvey

"The product demonstration presented by Harbour Software was certainly, by far, the best out of the other service providers. The customer service provided by the staff is also top-notch."

- Kourtney Williams, Manager Governance and Strategy at Shire of Harvey

Devonport City Council

"We required a cloud solution that enabled us to operate with Office 365 and SharePoint. Harbour Software understood our requirements and worked with us to deliver quality outcomes."

- Jeff Griffith, Deputy General Manager at Devonport City Council


Colac Otway Shire

“This is why we love Harbour Software!!  Instead of saying “That’s a Content Manager issue – not our problem to fix” you found a workaround. Thank you very, very much, Robert. That is fantastic. Your Content Manager using clients will be stoked!"

- Lyndal Redford, Governance Officer at Colac Otway Shire 

City of Casey

City of Casey

"Our experience with Harbour Software has been smooth and the extra value add has been immense, evidenced by the delivery of customised templates that suit our specific requirements."

- Rhys Matulis, Team Leader Governance at City of Casey 

City of Casey