Revenue management and
rate modelling solutions
for local governments

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EasyRev works as an invaluable tool to enhance revenue management and improve finance operations. Government bodies can review and understand multiple models simultaneously and conduct a comparative analysis to determine the ideal rating options for the Council. The Council is able to elevate operational productivity and reduce planning risk by effortlessly extracting data and conducting a valuation analysis. Councils using EasyRev will become better equipped in evaluating the correlation between Council rates, rating options, valuations and socioeconomic factors within their community.

Key Features

Easy data synchronisation with live or test core property system in one click .

Save multiple favourite layouts for pivot grids and charts for analysis .

Analysis of multiple models results simultaneously, from top summary level right down to individual assessments .

Simple add and removal of columns and rows from an extensive list of data fields .

Generate and save multiple scenarios, and unlimited model templates .

User-define charting, chart types and pallets including ad-hoc charting .

Ability to apply calculations using multiple valuation base options .

User-defined table/grid layouts to present data based on user defined preferences .

Valuation forecasting .

Integration with GIS applications .

Growth forecasting .

An extensive selection rules option .

.NET development framework with a Microsoft SQL backend .

Assessment lists from all summary grids and pivot layouts .

Quick data integrity checking .

Extensive graphs and reporting .


Save time and money by maximising revenue opportunities

Harbour Software can assist local governments in implementing a revenue management and rates modelling software to facilitate the financial planning process. Our valuation modelling software empowers Councils to make fast and accurate decisions on their rates model to reach their rates revenue targets. With our expertise in software development and experience in working with local governments, Harbour Software can aid in identifying cost saving opportunities and streamlining the modelling procedure. Contact us today to learn more about EasyRev rates modelling.

Data Cleansing

Data Cleansing is easily achieved by a simple synchronise and then use the analysis cube to slice and dice your Data Sets, offering a unique way to analysis current source data. EasyRev ensure that your source data is balanced and correct by replicating your current live result as one of the modelling steps.

Extensive revenue modelling

Extensive revenue modelling calculations and variations, incorporating all available legislative options available within Australia and New Zealand. Results are available in the same analysis cube to be sliced and diced with ease.

Reuse and keep

Reuse and keep the same analysis templates and customised exports from year to year for GIS hot spot mapping and executive reporting by refreshing the data.