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Doc Assembler is a cloud-based agendas and minutes solution designed to support enterprises across multiple sectors, including businesses, not-for-profit organisations, education, health, and government agencies. The meeting management software enables accessibility and collaboration between meeting organisers, empowering meeting documents compilation in minutes. Doc Assembler is an intuitive, easy to use governance agenda software that can be run on any device.

Doc Assembler Council Meeting Agenda Software

Key features

  • Cloud delivery
  • Anywhere, anytime mobility
  • Any platform, any device
  • Robust document assembly process
  • Collaboration with the team in real time 
  • Unlimited document templates 
  • NEW - Meeting Planner
  • NEW - Web Publishing
  • NEW - Word Editor for Minutes Processing


Providing a holistic agendas and minutes solution, Doc Assembler is fully integrated with Docs On Tap and other leading software applications to ensure efficiency and seamless user experience. Our web-based meeting management software enables you to work collaboratively and distribute the finalised document via a one-step process straight to your end users. Doc Assembler is an automated agenda and meeting management platform built to enable meeting administrators to create, collaborate and collate documents in a seamless and modern approach.

Meeting Planner provides an enhanced ability to plan, manage, monitor and report on the creation and flow of officer reports e.g. from ELT to Briefing to Council Meeting.

Web Publishing introduces the ability to publish documents to a fully hosted web page.

Collaborative software allows multiple authors to contribute to the same item at the same time

Secure and protect confidential documents, enabling controlled access

Full remote access that requires no physical installation on premise or on end user devices

Create workflow processes with multiple approvers for document review.

Have full control over the way your documents look and feel through unlimited templates

Prepare for future meetings and add items as you go to templated agenda formats

Add late or new items to the agenda and reorder the numbering automatically

Manage action items by creating the resulting actions, assigning them to users and tracking progress

Capture electronic votes administered via Docs On Tap into the minute taking process.

Deliver significant time and cost savings through digital and automated platform.

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Harbour Software will work with you to understand your requirements and deliver comprehensive agendas and minutes solutions to support your organisation’s digital transformation. Doc Assembler equips businesses with effective meeting software technology and empowers modern governance.

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