Goolum Goolum goes digital to improve corporate governance

Published on Wednesday, 27 October 2021 at 9:54:26 AM

About the Client

Goolum Goolum Aboriginal Co-Operative is an Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation within the Local Government areas of Horsham Rural City Council, Northern Grampians, Hindmarsh Shire Council, West Wimmera Shire Council, Ararat Rural City Council and Yarriambiack Shire Council. The organisation works to ensure the provision of effective health, welfare, and family services to the Aboriginal community.


Goolum Goolum continually focuses on how they can work smarter to improve communications within the organisation. Working with Harbour Software, Goolum Goolum introduced new technologies to improve corporate governance. 


The Challenge

Servicing over 35,000 square kilometres of Victoria, Goolum Goolum works collaboratively with the Board of Directors, and multiple disciplinary teams to help ensure they maintain a high standard of service to their clients.


To help create a digitally-enabled organisation, Goolum Goolum implemented Doc Assembler and Docs On Tap to empower a modern approach to team collaboration and meeting management.


“We wanted to implement a portal that would help centralise documents and reports for our Board Meetings as well as reducing back and forth emails internally. With emails, it is also difficult to trace document sharing and so we wanted a system that would help us maintain confidentiality by securing documents based on user permissions.”


“With over 50 staff members across the organisation and in different teams, it is hard to maintain consistency with meeting documents and reports. Doc Assembler allows for a branded template that will help us ensure uniformity and professionalism across all our corporate documents.”


John Gorton

Corporate Services Manager – Goolum Goolum Aboriginal Co-Operative


The Brief and Development

Goolum Goolum sought a modern software application that would help them simplify internal processes, including:

  • Maintain branded and consistent templates
  • Manage workflow process for multiple approvers
  • Synchronisation for offline access
  • Allow for document version control
  • Collaboration between multiple authors
  • Paperless document storage and management
  • Protect and handle confidential documents


Doc Assembler and Docs On Tap both support organisations to achieve modern governance, smoothing the way for open communication and improved organisational processes.


The Outcome

Leveraging the new modern technology, Goolum Goolum is aiming to improve the quality of business documentations and streamline internal operations.


Goolum Goolum is confident that the new technologies will benefit the organisation and help them better serve their community and clients.


“Our team was pleased to learn that we could use Doc Assembler and Docs On Tap for more than just Board meetings. We’re keen to use the software platform to facilitate document creation and reporting for other team and committee meetings.”


“We have clients shared across multiple different programs managed by different teams. Therefore, having a digital tool to enable cross-team communication and collaboration is really helpful to provide integrated care for our clients.”


“A big plus for us is the ability to synchronise comments that are done offline. We don’t have great internet access in some of the remote areas so being able to access and make changes to documents that are automatically updated when we’re connected to the internet again is a great benefit.”


“The training went really well with Harbour Software, and we found the platforms to be intuitive and really easy to use. We look forward to using the new systems to improve productivity and efficiencies within the organisation.”


John Gorton

Corporate Services Manager – Goolum Goolum Aboriginal Co-Operative


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