Enable remote working and collaborate on council documents through Doc Assembler

Published on Tuesday, 28 April 2020 at 3:10:00 PM


Many organisations have transitioned to working from home and adopting various technologies to adapt to remote working. If employees do not adjust accordingly, it can compromise collaboration and productivity within an organisation.

It’s important to find the right remote working tool to support productivity and facilitate a viable collaborative environment for all internal stakeholders. Successful implementation of remote working policies, procedures and tools can help overcome the challenges that a geographically dispersed workforce can present.

Harbour Software can offer the necessary collaboration tools to help council members and staff stay connected and enable real time collaboration on council documents.

Agenda and minutes solution for local governments

Drive efficiency and productivity while working from home using an online collaboration software.

Doc Assembler is an online web application that allows collaboration between elected members and executive staff, facilitating productivity and seamless workflow in a remote work environment.

Remote access is enabled through the fully online hosted software and requires no physical installation on premise or on end user devices. Streamline the preparation of council documents process using agenda and minutes templates and real time minute processing functionality.

Allow team collaboration from anywhere, anytime and from any device. Empower your team to stay connected and maximise productivity when working from home.

Benefits of Doc Assembler

Real-time collaboration

Work on documents together in real time, while physically separated


Operate software application entirely from the cloud and improve collaboration

 Anywhere, anytime access

Have global access through web browsers and collaborate from anywhere and at anytime


Collaborate from anywhere using Doc Assembler

Consistent and cohesive collaboration is vital to an organisation’s success. Working remotely and online collaboration doesn’t have to be difficult if you have the correct tools to help you with the process.

Doc Assembler is a comprehensive cloud-based web application specifically developed for local governments to allow council staff to collaborate on council documents.  

Contact Harbour Software today to streamline your remote working processes and drive efficiency at home.

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