The Town of Victoria Park introduces live voting with our customisable software

Published on Thursday, 1 July 2021 at 9:00:00 AM

The Situation

In 2018 a determination was made by the Town of Victoria Park to find a software solution that would allow the quick collation of agenda and minutes. Another item on the wish-list was the capability to produce live minutes that would integrate with its website, reducing double handling.

As the scope was assessed another nice to have that formed part of the final brief was a live voting component. Having previously, unsuccessfully, investigated a solution some 5 years previously the Town of Victoria Park knew that the final solution needed to be robust, yet customisable and easy to use.

Harbour Software

Selection Process

The Town of Victoria Park conducted an extensive process, reviewing many products on the market and ascertained that the Harbour Software Doc Assembler product best suited their needs. The stand out features were the ability to customise the product and that it was cloud-based.

“Our review of products on the market led us to Doc Assembler. We found the Harbour Software product offered more value to our workflow process and conveniently it could include council resolutions on our website. Harbour Software was also flexible in that they were prepared to work on developing our live voting idea.”

Danielle Uniza

Manager of Governance and Strategy Town of Victoria Park.

The Brief and Development

The Town of Victoria Park required the Doc Assembler Product to fulfil a multitude of requirements, it needed to have a:

  • Searchable database
  • Automated agenda and minutes
  • Capacity to notify people of due dates
  • Reconcile council decisions using software
  • Provide constituents with information on measures council took

The live voting concept became more than a ‘nice to have’ with Harbour Software creating a prototype specifically developed for the Town of Victoria Park. Armed with the confidence that it could work further development progressed to get the functionality finalised.

The implementation of Harbour Software’s Doc Assembler product allowed the Town of Victoria Park to take a holistic review of the suite of documents they produce and change the way reports were completed. Another benefit found in discovery was the end to end solution the product provided.


Harbour Software worked collaboratively with the Town of Victoria Park to customise Doc Assembler to suit their needs. Uptake by Town Staff has been excellent with feedback specifically highlighting that the system is easy to use.

“Doc Assembler has had fantastic take up by our staff, considering we haven’t changed these processes for about 20 years, there has not been a resistance to change. Everyone is on board and now it is like we have always used it.”

“The end to end solution has created ease in workflow and a reduction in manual and double handling, allowing staff to focus on outcomes for constituents rather than administrative functions.”

Danielle Uniza

Manager of Governance and Strategy Town of Victoria Park.

The Town of Victoria Park are currently working on the introduction of live streaming to complement their live voting capability.

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