Doc Assembler delivers seamless integration with Devonport City Council’s cloud-first environment

Published on Tuesday, 8 September 2020 at 8:44:30 AM

Devonport City Council Harbour Software Doc Assembler

The Challenge

Devonport City Council, located in northern Tasmania, is a popular tourist destination surrounded by rivers, ocean and mountains. To help drive improvements in the delivery of services to the City, Devonport City Council have been on a digital transformation journey for the last two years. A key aspect of this journey was a cloud-first strategy and moving all systems to Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms.

During COVID-19, the City was presented with the challenge of transitioning their staff to work from home. This process also included looking for innovative ways to maintain collaboration on shared documents such as Council agendas and minutes.

Selection Process

Devonport City Council’s legacy solution for agenda and minutes document creation did not offer cloud services or efficient integrations with Microsoft products, including SharePoint and Office 365. This meant staff were unable to collaborate on the documents whilst working remotely.

Built in the cloud, Doc Assembler provided a better match for the Council’s preferred IT environment by offering a solution that was not only available to staff whilst working from home but also fully integrated with Office 365 and SharePoint.   

“We required a cloud solution that enabled us to operate with Office 365 and SharePoint. Doc Assembler was one of the remaining systems that we needed to transition to a cloud hosted platform. The timing worked out well as we were able to transition during the COVID-19 restriction period.”

Jeff Griffith

Deputy General Manager – Devonport City Council

The Brief and Development

Devonport City Council employed Doc Assembler and Docs On Tap to resolve the following requirements:

  • Cloud-based application to meet their cloud-first policy
  • Integration with Office 365 and SharePoint
  • Enabled employees to continue working remotely
  • Create reports and agendas easily and quickly
  • Remote training and support
  • An intuitive system that was easy for staff to adopt

Doc Assembler simplified the agenda and minute creation process, creating critical time efficiencies during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic. End users were able to easily produce and manage agendas prior to the meeting, as well as monitor their action items allocated to them within the meeting minutes. 

The Outcome

Harbour Software was able to assist with Devonport City Council’s digital transformation journey by offering a cloud-based solution that integrated with their preferred systems.  Beyond the cloud-first strategy, Doc Assembler and Docs On Tap offered an interface that was easy to navigate.

“It is easier for our employees to develop reports compared to the previous solution. There was a high degree of complexity associated with the competitor product we were using. It would take multiple hours to create an agenda whereas with Doc Assembler that can be done in a matter of minutes. This resulted in a tremendous amount of admin labour savings.

The Council engaged with Harbour Software when the pandemic restrictions were being implemented by the State government. During this period, training was delivered remotely using Microsoft Teams. The employees that attended online training were very happy with how it was delivered.

Harbour Software understood our requirements and worked with us to deliver quality outcomes. The post implementation service has been very good. If our users had any issues that needed to be resolved, they were quick to respond and guided us in the right direction.”

Jeff Griffith

Deputy General Manager – Devonport City Council


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