Docs On Tap

What is Docs On Tap?

Docs On Tap enables the management and distribution of documents and content such as board papers, agendas, minutes, policies, operating procedures and alike. The easy to use web application manages your documents via the cloud and provides a simple interface with the functionality to create folder structures and configure user permissions. Documents can also be downloaded on demand to the user’s device (phone, tablet, laptop and desktop computer) to allow for offline viewing and the annotation of documents.


  • Online/Offline feature
  • Data synchronisation in the background
  • Web portal to control the distribution and structure for the delivered content
  • Cloud-based service for documents example content link style makes it convenient for the end users to access the documents when and where they want
  • Background synch process that eliminates the need for the end user to have to manage the documents on their mobile device
  • Secure document delivery based on the end users profile
  • Device Agnostic – able to be run on any platform which can support a browser
  • Makes managing attachments to documents simply and easy

On the tablet device provide the end user with the ability to:

Annotate documents shared across all platforms used by the end user, including non PDF documents:

  • Highlight text
  • Search documents for keywords
  • Simple synchronisation process
  • Automatic notification of new documents
  • Bookmarking
  • Version control


Docs On Tap can be used by just about any organisation that has a need to distribute information to a mobile platform, including but not limited to:

  • Board Papers
  • Committee Agendas
  • Minutes
  • Policy Documents
  • Strategic Plans
  • Contracts/ tender process management
  • Project management

You can engage your stakeholders through the app, allowing you to publish information directly to them.

Other benefits include:

  • A single application to manage the process for document distribution from the desktop all the way through to an IPad or tablet device.
  • No more misplacement of documents or missing the latest versions
  • Information can be distributed to the end user and viewed on a mobile device

Docs on tap and Doc Assembler Live Voting

Docs on tap now allow live voting in a meeting. This will enable elected members to indicate their voting preference via the app, which then automatically updates the minute-taking process provided as part of Doc Assembler.

Supported Platforms

Docs On Tap is available on all major platforms including

Mobile Platform:

  • iPad – iOS 6.0 Prerequisite
  • Android
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Apple Mac
  • Web App

The dedicated web app enables the end user to access it on any device capable of running a browser.  The benefit from an administration perspective when using the web app is knowing that the end user will always be using the most up to date version.  The web app has been designed as a Progressive Web App capable of delivering online and offline functionality.

Web Application:

  • Internet Explorer 8+
  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Safari


Please Contact us for pricing information. Pricing is available on a per-user basis as well as a site license.

View Docs On Tap in Action

Visit our YouTube videos here to learn more about Docs On Tap:

  • Desktop App
  • iPad App

Our Process

Once you have evaluated the benefits that Docs On Tap can offer your organisation, Harbour Software is able to deliver the completed solution to your site. What does this involve? All setup and installation can be done remotely Training for the desktop application can be delivered either onsite or our preferred option is by using our virtual training program delivered over the web by one of our consultants. Training for the iPad app can also be delivered over the web based on a train the trainer approach Online Training videos are also available to our clients as an additional resource

Supported Services

Once installed, our help desk team are more than ready to take over and assist you in maximising the benefits of our solution.

All updates for our desktop component will be released to you and will be available to you from our website as they are made available.

Updates for the mobile app will come via the appropriate App Store, notification of these updates will be delivered directly to your device.

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