Doc Assembler

What is Doc Assembler?

Doc Assembler is an intuitive web-based solution for the preparation of agenda and minute documents. Doc Assembler facilitates collaboration across your organisation when working on agenda items as well as other documents and provides the ability to assemble the content from multiple individual reports into a single publication.

Doc Assembler is simple, easy to configure and it can be run on any device.


Doc Assembler delivers to you the ability to have:

  • Real-time document collaboration
  • On-Premise or Cloud Delivery option
  • Anywhere anytime mobility
  • Any platform, any device
  • Robust document assembly process
  • Unlimited user defined templates
  • Real-time minute processing
  • Live Voting
  • Action items

Fully integrated into Docs On Tap, our document distribution app, Doc Assembler enables you to work collaboratively on a document and then publish your document via a one-step process straight to your end users.


  • Can be used as a hosted or an on premise solution
  • Users have full control over the way their documents look and feel
  • Easy to configure and deploy
  • The table of content is automatically created every time the document is assembled
  • Template based, which enables the user to format how the various sections of the document will appear
  • Documents can be created for future meeting dates enabling the end users to submit their content as they go
  • Documents can be locked, giving access to administrators only
  • Late or new items can simply be slotted in and the numbering will regenerate when the document is assembled

When the end user wants to add content to the document, they simply add a new item from within the Dashboard and start working.  The document assembly process pulls the individual items together and creates the assembled document including attachments.


Please Contact us for pricing information. Pricing is available on a per-user basis as well as a site license.

Our process

Once you have evaluated the benefits that Doc Assembler can offer your organisation, Harbour Software is able to deliver the completed solution to your site.

What does this involve?

All setup and installation can be done remotely. Training for the System Administrator can be delivered either onsite or if preferred by using our virtual training program delivered over the web by one of our consultants.

Training for the end users can also be delivered over the web based on a train the trainer approach.

Support Services

Once installed, our help desk team are more than ready to take over and assist you in maximising the benefits of our solution.